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83% of the Footwear Brands face these 3 Major losses due to their Shoe Manufacturers

Loss of Revenue due to
Late Deliveries

For every 20,000 pairs of late delivery, the brand can lose up to US $1.5 million in revenues.

Loss of Profit Margins due to Inferior Quality

For every 10000 pairs of inferior quality of products a brand can lose as much as 18.75% of its profit margin.

Losses due to Compensation Paid

Any Breach in the social compliances from the factory or the material compliances can lead to payments in compensation from US $50,000 to US $40 million. Let aside the loss in goodwill and legal fees.

In the past 31 years, we have supplied over 20 million pairs of shoes to more than 65 brands in 19 countries spread across 5 continents.


7 Advantages of Working with Us

  • Zero Defect Shoes

    Research shows that technically and aesthetically sound shoe sells 21% more. That's a direct 21% increase in revenues through that article.

  • Zero Wastage Production

    With proper measures in place to curb unnecessary wastage, we are able to provide you with the right prices for the quality.

  • 70% Lesser Customer Returns

    This directly impacts the profit margins to increase from 13.125% for the article.

  • 100% on Time Deliveries

    Saves the brand from losing US $1.5 million per 20000 pairs.

  • Social compliances

    With all social compliances in place, the brand can rest assured of any unnecessary legal hassles.

  • Reach Compliant Materials

    All materials used are REACH compliant and hence reduces the chances of legal compensation to be paid by 99%.

  • 100% System Driven Company

    Working with a well-organized, system-driven, structured company will give you a good night's sleep which is PRICELESS.



To know how we can help you earn an additional profit of US $1 million in the next 5 years please get in touch.

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